De mest detaljerede anmeldelser i Danmark


iMac 27″ 3,1Quad 2011 anmeldelse

Jeg har fundet denne geinale anmeldelse, som jeg tænkte du ville have gavn af.

Den stammer fra en medarbejder fra, det er hans personlige arbejdes computer.

Her er hans opsummering:

  • Beautiful high-density main display, and up to three screens.
  • Screaming fast GPU that can handle the latest games on the highest detail settings.
  • Fast, capable, and a ton of fun to drive.
  • Built-in HD webcam that makes free video calls.
  • No Blu-Ray.
  • It gets hot – very hot. Not too hot to touch, but getting there. You can feel the heat on your face if you get within 18 inches. Great if you live in a cold country, not so good in the tropics.
  • It’s not cheap. You can buy an Asus Eee Top all-in-one from Walmart for $889 – less than half the price of the iMac. But trust me, it’s a POS (I used an earlier model for a while. Not even the kids would take it as a hand-me-down). The iMac’s not cheap, but it is money well spent.
  • The GPU is the 6970M, a mobile graphics card, rather than the full 6970. Space and cooling is likely the limiting factor.
  • All the ports are on the back. It makes for a nice neat front, but you have spin the machine around to plug anything in.
  • No USB 3.0 or HDMI.
  • The keyboard is tiny and there’s no forward delete button, which drives me nuts. It looks comically small cowering beneath the monster screen

Jeg ville gerne have sådan en :)

Han virker alt i alt meget tilfreds med computeren, i sær med de 3 skærme, måske er det der gjorde at den kunne erstatte hans gamle mac pro?

Han giver den 4,5/5 stjerner.

Klik her for hele anmeldelsen, på cultofmac com


  1. Du ville gerne have sådan en, men du gider ikke at opgraderer fra 2010 versionen?